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Recreation Xchange is a division of Docks Plus.
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How our shopping cart works in two safe and easy steps ! We are unable to
add the freight amounts to our products on our shopping cart , For the
Uniqueness and size of the products and where they are being shipped to and
how they are being shipped to you is an ongoing freight challenge, We will
source the most economical way to ship to your location.

We will process your order and will be emailing you the amounts of freight
charges to your door by UPS standard ground freight , Purolator Courier ,
Bus Service , Trucking Company , Trucking Freight Company ,Postal standard
or Air Mail pending the best delivery to your location and situation , Once
you agree on the freight and total amount on the bill , You will be
instructed to email us back agreeing on the amounts to be processed on your
credit card or other payment method you have chosen.

If our credit card processors can not or will not recognize your location
address or country on their system we will not be able to process your

Option payment #1
Any orders from $1.00 - $ 999.99 will have to be processed first in this
Step # 1: once the customer has given there approval on the invoice and
shipping amount ,Customer contacts us or we contact you Vie phone , :NOTE
Credit card numbers should not be emailed to us or anyone , We will need
your credit card number and the expiry date with the three numbers on the
back of the card , the amount is then processed on the credit card .

Step # 2 : original transaction receipt is faxed or emailed to customer on
our Company letter head , the customer is agreeing to the order by faxing or
emailing us back with signatures on transmission receipt that has been
transmitted, and only showing your last four numbers XXXX XXXX XXXX 0000 on
transaction receipt along with your invoice. That has to be signed as well.

PLEASE NOTE : any orders over $ 1000.00 purchased on our shopping cart will
not be shipped till original signatures by the original card holder
customer. The faxed copies of transmission credit card receipt and invoice
are received by air mail or courier to our Docks Plus Location , this
correspondence over the phone and fax will have to be dealt with to verify
the customer is in deed who they are in establishing an order , and are the
real credit card holders ,We will also require the 3 digit number from the
back of the credit card being used ,and a copy of a photo id from the credit
card holder . Sorry for this inconvenience but in this process we are trying
to eliminate all fraud potential. Once we have received documentation ,
shipment is released and you will be notified by email with a UPS tracking
number or Purolator , Trucking freight Company , Postal standard or Air mail
or Bus Service

IMPORTANT: Your Credit Card #### #### #### #### must have the same statement
billing address as the location address that we are shipping to you ,in
order for us to process your order in a fast and efficient manner.

If you are a U.S. Resident and have chosen to use your credit card as a
payment method, We will be billing you in Canadian Funds , and this is the
amount that will be shown on your credit card in Canadian funds , your
credit card company will do the exchange rate based on the date the amounts
are processed on your card on those dates .

Option payment #2
US customers or Pay Pal users , ask to billed in US funds ,this simple
option is an easy way to credit our Pay Pal account the
amounts we email you in US dollars plus added Pay Pal fees , once we receive
Pay Pal notification that the amount has been credited to our account ,
shipment is released and you will be notified by email with a UPS tracking
number or Purolator ,Trucking freight Company or Postal standard or Air
mail .

Option payment #3
All money orders or Bank drafts and for out of country , once received we
hold product for 21 to 30 days ( Sorry for this delay this is a recommended
time on hold due to high amount of fraudulent money orders and bank drafts )
on this payment method before shipping, in making sure it clears our banking
institution. , after 30 days shipment is released and you will be notified
by email with a UPS tracking number or Purolator, Trucking freight Company
or Postal standard or Air mail to your location .You may want to check with
us first before ordering for over seas International shipping is expensive
to ship.

Note: There is no tax charged on shipments into the U.S.A. or Over Seas

Customers must provide a valid phone number to start the process on any
order . Items will also not ship until a phone number is provided.

Enjoy shopping with us !!!!!

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