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Shoreline Industries Vertical Lifts

Vertical Boat Lifts

A vertical boat lift from Shoreline Industries will protect your boat, pontoon, or tritoon, from the damaging effects of waves and wind while keeping your watercraft's hull looking great year after year. A vertical boat lift is an investment in your watercraft, and in your enjoyment of it's use. Admit it, you would use your boat more often if it was more convenient to get on and off of the lift, if you didn't have to mess with that annoying boat cover every time you used your watercraft and if you knew it would be protected and ready for the water at a moments notice. A vertical boat lift from Shoreline Industries makes your boating experience more convenient, and more enjoyable, at a better value than other boat lift brands. 




Shoreline Industries' vertical boat lifts feature time-tested Dutton-Lainson winches for durable and dependable service life, galvanized steel cables, and composite sheaves provide smooth lifting operation, and the boat lift frame is constructed with a single V-Side to allow easy entry and exit from the lift. The Shoreline Industries vertical lift offers the perfect combination of precision welding and plated fasteners to provide a safe and dependable boat lift that will protect your boat, pontoon, or personal watercraft and provide you with years of worry-free service.   

Welded Construction

Shoreline Industries' vertical boat lift features a perfect combination of precision welding, plated fasteners and great design to provide you with a safe sturdy lift that will protect your watercraft for years of worry-free, trouble-free use. When you compare all other value brand boat lift options, you'll see why Shoreline Industries is the smartest choice you can make!

Galvanized Cables

Galvanized cables are a great choice for vertical boat lifts because they can provide the flexibility required to wrap around the boat lift sheaves and pulleys without becoming brittle. Many boat lift owners choose galvanized steel cables when replacing a worn out stainless steel cable due to their availability, low cost, and durability. 

Dutton Lainson Winch

Every Shoreline Industries vertical boat lift is equipped with Dutton-Lainson's time tested B series winches. The Dutton -Lainson winch design is used throughout the marine industry on docks, watercraft trailers, boat lifts and more. It's solid design and universal appeal makes it an easy choice for safe, dependable operation of the Shoreline Industries Vertical Lift.



Vertical Boat Lifts from Shoreline Industries are designed to fit a wide variety of boats, pontoons and tritoons, and can be used in a wide range of waterfront locations including areas with sandy or muddy bottoms, and shallow to deep water. Shoreline Industries' vertical boat lifts are available in two weight capacities; 3000 lbs. and 4000 lbs., the 3000 lb. capacity vertical lift is 9' wide (inside the lift uprights) while the 4000 lb. capacity lift is 10' wide (inside the lift uprights). We also recommend that you consult with a local Shoreline Industries dealer to ensure an appropriate fit for your watercraft and shoreline situation. 
Shoreline Industries Vertical Boat Lift Specifications



Choose from a wide range of accessories to protect your boat, pontoon, or tritoon with a Shoreline Industries vertical boat lift. You'll get years of quick, convenient and durable protection for your watercraft, and Shoreline Industries' boat lift accessories will safe you time and money.

Canopy Frames & Covers


Boat Lift Boss Motors




Lift Mate Motors


Motor Stops


Pontoon Racks & Rails


Wheel Kits

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4000 ShorelineVertical Lift (10 ft wide )
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3000 Shoreline Vertical Lift (9 ft wide )
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4000 Shoreline Vertical Lift (10 ft wide )

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