• Dockedge 12 ft ,5000 lb mooring Whips

12 Ft Mooring Whips 5000 Lb capacity

Why would you not protect your investment for this amount of money ??? A no brainer 
The practical alternative to marine railways, davits and lifts, these fiberglass Mooring Whips are exceptionally strong, attractive and do not obstruct your waterfront view.
These Premium Whips start with a solid fiberglass rod and are then manufactured in multi-stages with an exclusive cross-wound fiberglass for extra rigidity unobtainable with solid rod alone. This multi-stage manufacturing gives these whips the necessary strength and flex to retain the boats' position. Exclusive "Plug & Socket" design for quick and easy separation and cast aluminum base with built-in cleat, ring and thumb screw. Each whip includes our unique functional roller tip and a tie-off cleat for easier access to your boat. Stainless steel mounting hardware included.

These quality Mooring Whips act as a spring to maintain your boat at a safe convenient distance away from your dock to prevent impacts caused by waves or the wakes of other passing watercraft.

Kit includes 1 pair solid fiberglass rod ,Complete with double braided nylon whip lines, spring lines, Durable cast aluminum bases and stainless steel lag mounting hardware for wood decks

Some mooring areas may be too rough for any type of tie-up system. Weight is more critical than boat length when selecting the correct size of whip for your vessel . Factor in a 15% forgiveness when choosing your whips also Batteries if any , fuel at 10 lb a gallon , all accessories , recommended Automatic bilge pump in operation , proper bridging of canvas tops and covers to eliminate water pooling and canvas covers collapsing

U.S.P. Able!

Each WHIP is constructed to the most rigid specifications and is of the highest quality, Patented materials

Watch the you tube Video on how they work 


Dockedge 12 ft ,5000 lb mooring Whips

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