R-600 foamed Filled 24" x 48" x 16"
Buoyancy : 600 lbs
Shipping 41 lbs


  • Both lumber and hardware stay out of the water.
  • Foam filled for added security.
  • Less wood required for construction.
  • Less labor to build your dock.
  • Polyethylene is environmentally friendly.
  • Polyethylene is gasoline resistant.
  • Polyethylene is resistant to aquatic wildlife such as muskrats, otters and beavers.
  • Mounting holes are molded in.
  • limited 10 years warranty

These floats also provide features and benefits that continue to set them apart from other dock float industry products. Dock floats are manufactured from linear virgin polyethylene resin containing UV inhibitors and carbon black pigment to protect against ultraviolet deterioration. These resins offer a balance of toughness, rigidity, environmental stress crack resistance and low temperature impact performance.

Resin is also in compliance with FDA title 21. This is a resin that will exhibit resilience against ice, bumps by watercraft and contact deterioration from petroleum products. The encasement is recyclable. This is food grade material that will not contaminate the waterways.

Meeting the Engineer guidelines, these dock floats are covered by a 10 year warranty

Any float drum thought to be defective must be returned to the manufacturer (prepaid) and judged defective by the manufacturer before replacement , it is the consumers responsibility to make sure billets are free floating not dragging , rubbing and hitting any obstructions on lake bottoms

R-600 FOAMED DOCK BILLET 24" x 48" x 16"

  • Model M14030
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