GREY /Polyethylene Stand Off Flip-Up

Tough and durable, this roto-molded ladder swings up and out of the way, locking in place when not in use. The Stand Off roto-molded ladder extends into the water at a 60 degree angle to make getting out of the water easier as a natural step ladder great for older people that do not have the arm strength to step up vertically and very child proof .

Will not corrode with exposure and will not fade or crack. Molded-in U.V. inhibitors and fungicides.

Rail Height: 20-1/2" above the dock
Distance to first step: From dock surface, 12-1/2" & 10-1/2" between steps.
Steps: Are 6-1/2" deep and 14" wide.
Capacity: 500 lb. (227 kg).

shipping Weight 22.7 lb ,  shipping Box  53 x 20.5 x 11


4 Step Poly stand off Flip Up DE2084F

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