Dock & Boat Rolling Wheels These standard duty wheels measure 24" in diameter, have an 8" tread width,  600 lb. capacity and are roto-molded from polyethylene and U.V. stabilized. This premium material provides a tough, rigid wheel, and offers stress, crack and impact resistance, along with excellent performance in low temperatures, and prolonged exposure to petroleum products. Rolls easily over virtually any terrain and will not rust on the axle. Suitable for roll-in docks or boat lifts, they are easily mounted on a 1 1/2" OD axle. The axle opening is 1.98 inches. Commonly, a galvanized or 1.9 OD galvalume pipe is used, along with PVC pipe bushings on both sides of the wheel, and secured with cotter pins through the axle.

DOCK EDGE - DOCK & BOAT ROLLNG WHEELS, 24" standard duty

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