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DocksPlus Informational Videos

FLOE International Videos

This section contains informational videos on Floe International product lines.

The videos also illustrate the many accessories you can add to your FLOE dock to make your time on the lake even more enjoyable.

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Roll-In & Stationary Docks
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Roll-In Dock Accessories
(4 of 16)
Floating Docks
(5 of 16)
Floating Docks Accessories
(6 of 16)
Boat Lift Introduction
(7 of 16)
Pivot Lifts
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Vertical Lifts
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VSD Boat Lifts
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Easy-Level Legs
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Float and Roll
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Lift Canopies
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Boat Lift Bunks
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Boat Lift Guide-Ins
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Wrap Up
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